As a PhD degree holder, you are a valuable asset to many companies outside of academia. Together, we can explore all of your career options.

Next to your efficient analytical and well-developed problem-solving skills, typically with a strong hands-on approach, you also developed excellent soft skills like flexibility, creativity, as well as negotiating, motivational and managing skills. And that is exactly what companies are looking for.

Our Career-Team firmly believes that PhDs are an asset for a large variety of industries and organizations that want to improve their competitiveness, together with the quality of their products or services.

Therefore, we aim to improve the perceived value and actual valorization of PhD’s in non-academic settings and create awareness among PhDs of the actual contributions that they can make outside of academia.

​At our annual PhD Job Fair and other events and seminars, we offer a lot of information and networking opportunities with various industries. This way, we help to build a better connection between PhDs/postdocs and stakeholders from the external labor market.

Other pillars:

Some of our recent and upcoming events:

  • Career in Academia: non-ZAP roads to success at KU Leuven [Nov 2020]
  • Personal and professional development workshops [Jan 2021]
  • Inter-University Launch event [Feb 2021]
  • Boost your career – a toolbox, from idea to application [Mar 2021]
  • Mentoring programme for PhD candidates – non-academic track [Apr 2021]
  • PhD Jobfair 2021 [Oct 2021] –

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