PhD Society helps you to further develop your skills and knowledge. We provide you with all the tools needed to successfully become a PhD graduate.

Obtaining a PhD degree is marked by a path of intense professional and personal development. Along this path, many transferrable skills are acquired next to fundamental scientific methodology. Together, these skills provide unique and valuable assets for both academic and non-academic career paths.

​We believe that young researchers could and should play a role at the frontline of various societal challenges.

This typically requires innovative and multidisciplinary solutions and therefore we focus on academic collaboration, uniting people from various disciplines.

With our open discussions on the role of academics in the wider society, we foster direct communication between young and senior researchers and between young academics and various stakeholders from both academic and external labor market. This way, we aim to provide meaningful stepping stones for future valorization of the PhD degree.

We provide all the necessities to further develop your analytical and problem-solving skills, typically with a strong hands-on approach. By actively attending our academic events, you will boost your soft skills such as flexibility, creativity, negotiation, motivation and managing.

Other pillars:

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